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Vier Menschen wandern bei strahlend blauem Himmel am Petersberg durchs Feld, im Hintergrund sind Weinberge. - Foto von Uwe Feuerbach
Four people walk through the field under a bright blue sky at Petersberg, with vineyards in the background.
© Uwe Feuerbach

Theme trails

In the Alzeyer Land and the Rheinhessische Schweiz there are numerous marked hiking trails lead into nature - through sunny vineyards or shady vineyards or shady forests, along lush meadows and cool streams. cool little brooks.

While hiking on the varied routes, you can leave everyday life behind and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

This trail takes you back to the time of iron ore mining and ore washing. ore washing. At the same time, you will enjoy a charming landscape with a wonderful distant view. The Bohner ore deposits are a special feature In the period from about 1820 to about 1870, iron ore was mined there on a large scale. iron ores were mined there on a large scale by open pit mining, washed in washed in ore washes and transported to the smelting works.

The BohnErzWeg, which links the communities of Dittelsheim-Heßloch, Framersheim, Gau-Heppenheim, Hochborn and Monzernheim, leads to mining sites and the mining sites and to the reconstructed ore washing plant. information boards about this aspect of the history of the region. of history.

Logo BohnErzWeg
Logo BohnErzWeg

In each of the 5 communities along the BohnErzWeg you will find a parking lot with access to the hiking trail.

Total length9.5 km
Dittelsheim-HeßlochParking lot Weinkastell, Am Kloppberg 1
FramersheimParking lot Sport- und Kulturhalle, Outside 11
Gau-HeppenheimMarket place, Hauptstraße
HochbornParking lot community center, Theodor-Authilt-Platz 1
MonzernheimParking lot community hall, Töpferstraße 18

The Pfalz-Rheinhessen History Trail includes the history trails of the communities of Mauchenheim, Morschheim and Orbis and would like to take you on a journey through history, which over the centuries has not the course of the centuries has not passed by without a trace.

You will learn about the early times, the Celts, the Romans and the Franks, the respective local churches, mills, mercury mining and much more.

You will walk from Mauchenheim along the Selzradweg to Morschheim and Orbis, to Vorholz am Wald along the border path to the vineyards at the Sion monastery wall via the Ebersfelder Hof to the Roman palace villa.

Geschichtsweg Pfalz-Rheinhessen
History Trail Palatinate-Rhinehessen
StartIn the respective villages or at the Napoleon monument in Vorholz
Length12 km

Individual stages

Orbiser history trail
StartParking lot gymnasium
Length5 km
Morschheim history trail
StartParking lot Weed
Length7,2 km
Mauchenheimer history trail
StartParking lot Mühlwiesenhalle
Length7 km

The Coastal Path Rheinhessen offers the rare opportunity of a time travel into the geological past of Rheinhessen.
In the Tertiary period, about 30 million years ago, the Upper Rhine Graben including the Mainz Basin had subsided due to extensive movements of the earth's crust. The whole region was flooded by a subtropical sea.

Walk along the coastline of that time, past "volcanic islands" with rocky coasts and sandy beaches and imagine the rich underwater world with mussels, snails, oysters, manatees, rays and sharks.

The route through typical Rheinhessen landscapes is laid out in such a way that you can walk 3 circular paths with a total of 10 stations as well as the "beach path of the senses" with its own 10 display boards separately or in any combination.

Küstenweg Rheinhessen
Coastal Path Rheinhessen
Circular trail Weinheimer Bucht
StartAlzey-Weinheim, at the drift
Length8,7 km
Circular route Flonheim
StartFlonheim, market place
Length8.2 km
Circular route Siefersheim-Wöllstein-Neu-Bamberg
StartSiefersheim, hiking parking lot "Am Gänsborn
Length11.6 km
Beach trail of the senses
Startparking lot Beller Church, Eckelsheim
Length1.6 km

The Petersberg with its 246m is one of the highest elevations in of Rheinhessen. The stories around the Petersberg are exciting and and the church, built in the 10th century, is a supra-regionally important testimony of the Rhine-Hessian settlement archaeology. This was considered in Rheinhessen for centuries as a cultural center of attraction.

Follow the signs on the culture trail and take your time to enjoy the beautiful view. time to enjoy the beautiful view. On information boards you will learn amazing things about history, culture and nature. You should not miss to visit the archaeological site of Mons Beati Petri at the summit. Linger at the the various seating areas, such as the nationally known well-known tables of wine.

Kulturweg Petersberg
Cultural trail Petersberg
StartGau-Odernheim, Petersberg hall/Mühlstr. 32
Length6,8 km

The art and culture hiking trail connects the culture of the wine region with the lively art scene of Rheinhessen. Art in the vineyards and lovingly restored vineyard cottages line the path that leads from Alzey to the district of Weinheim. Each visitor decides for himself how long he wants to walk and chooses his own individual route in the network of paths of the art and culture trail.

Start: "Five Bridges" work of art (Badeweg)

Along the hiking trails and throughout the Alzeyer Land region, such as in Albig, Alzey, Eppelsheim, Flonheim or Framersheim, there are also other informative and instructive footpaths and hiking trails, such as wine and nature trails or art and culture trails.

Length approx. 6.8 - 10km

Alzeyer Kunst- und Kulturwanderweg
Alzey Art and Culture Trail

The weinheimense route is a signposted circular hiking trail in the Alzey-Weinheim district. On a length of about 10km it informs tourists and locals alike by means of boards about connections of the regional earth history with the landscape of the Weinheimer Bucht, with the cultural past, with the wine and with the local flora and fauna.

The route starts at the former sand pit at the "Trift", a cross-section of the sea floor from prehistoric times and leads, following the signposts, on mostly paved paths to the other information panels. Experience insights into geology, nature, wine and culture of Weinheim on the route and enjoy great views over the fantastic landscape of the former sea bay.

Flyer weinheimense Route
Flyer weinheimense Route
StartAlzey-Weinheim, drift
Length10 km
Streckenverlauf weinheimense-Route
Route of the weinheimense-route

For big and small nature lovers a forest nature trail was established in the community forest of Wonsheim has been set up. On the basis of information boards and action points one learns about the flora and fauna of the region. The natural materials used in the construction come directly from the forest.

The forest adventure trail has two interconnected sections. The Forest Experience Trail 1 is a short, well-signposted circular trail over forest and and field paths of about 2.3 km, ideally suited for a family excursion or a short or a short "dive" into the green.

The trail can be combined with the Forest Experience Trail 2, resulting in a total length of about 8.3 km.

Flyer Titelbild Walderlebnisweg mit Logo der Gemeinde Wonsheim
Flyer cover forest adventure trail with logo of the municipality of Wonsheim
StartHiking parking lot L400
Length8.3 km
Streckenverlauf Walderlebnisweg
Route of the forest adventure trail

Very varied circular route in Eppelsheim on both paved and grassy paths. field paths with wonderful views. Information boards in the nature reserve "Am Huckenhof" provide information about flora and fauna. Resting benches and shelters invite you to take a break. The hiking trail leads past the site of the Dinotherium and the current excavation site of the Senckenberg Museum (Sandkaut). On the way back to the village, it is worth visiting the Jewish cemetery.

Other theme trails that are worth a walk are the lime kiln trail and the Effenkranz natural monument.

Flyer Eppelsheim - Foto von ©Ortsgemeine Eppelsheim
Flyer Eppelsheim
Karte mit den Rundwanderwegen Eppelsheim - Foto von Ortsgemeinde Eppelsheim
Map with the circular hiking trails in Eppelsheim