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Hiking on the Petersberg


In Alzeyer Land and Rheinhessische Schweiz many signpostet trails lead  through sun-kissed vinyards and shady forests, along lush grassland and nippy creeks.

When walking on the varied routes you can leave your worries behind and immerse in the tranquility of nature.

Wonsheim forest experience 1 und 2

For nature lovers an educational forest trail was set up in the community forest of Wonsheim.

With the help of display boards and action points interresting facts of the flora and fauna of the region is shown. the forest trail has two intterconnectiong sections. Trail 1 is a well signposted short circular route aof approximately 2,3 km, perfect for families or a short "dive" into the woods.

Trail 2 can be combined, so that the final lenght of the trail is 8,6km

Flyer Titelbild Walderlebnisweg mit Logo der Gemeinde Wonsheim

Start Wanderparkplatz L400
Länge 8,3 km

These hills were made for walking... (Auf flotten Sohlen unterwegs...)

The brochure "These hills were made for walking..." describes 16 clearly marked routes that lead through expansive landscapes with rolling hills, charming wine villages and idyllic forests.

The information panels at the start of each route and the signage are reminders that these routes initially came into being as part of the “Nordic Walking Park Rheinhessen.” Today, these information panels still provide walkers with sporting ambitions useful information on the height profile and nature of each tour and supply useful pointers on Nordic Walking technique.


Starting point

Route 1 Alzeyer-Panorama-Route
Length 9 km
Start Alzey, parking area at Robinson Spielplatz, Street: Am Herdry
Route 2 Weinheimer-Bucht-Route
Length 6,5 km
Start Alzey-Weinheim, sports field, street: Muskatellerweg
Route 3 Heimersheimer-Höhen-Route
Length 8 km
Start Alzey-Heimersheim, sports field, street: Staffelstraße
Route 4 Katharina-Maurer-Route
Length 6,5 km
Start Alzey-Schafhausen, street: An der Tränk
Route 5 Natur- und Kultur-Route
Length 4,5 km
Start Alzey-Dautenheim, sports field, street: Am Flutgraben

Starting point Vorholz

All routes start at parking area "Forsthaus Vorholz" (forrester´s house), on the road L406 between Offenheim and Oberwiesen.

Route 1 / Kappelbergrunde Length: 4 km
Route 2 / Alter Grenzsteinweg Length: 7 km
Route 3 / Selzbachpfad Length: 10,5 km
Route 4 / Zum Kloster Sion Length: 10,5 km
Route 5 / Durch das Wiebachtal Length: 10,5 km
Route 6 / Panoramaweg Length: 11 km
Route 7 / Zur Teufelsrutsch Length: 12 km
Route 8 / Entlang der Grünlandstreifen Length: 11 km
Route 9 / Mühlentour ab Domäne Length: 10 km
Route 10 / Trullo-Runde Length: 11 km

Geschichtsweg Pfalz-Rheinhessen (The Palatine - Rhinehessen historical pathway)

The historical pathway, which is over 12 km long, includes the historical paths through the villages of Mauchenheim, Morschheim and Orbis and attempts to take you on a journey through history showing you that it has left its mark on these villages through the centuries.

You learn something about the early period, the Celts, the Romans and the Franks, the respective village churches, mills, the mercury quarry just to name but a few.

Starting points are in the villages or at the Napoleon monument in Vorholz.

History Trail Pfalz-Rheinhessen
Start In the particular villages or at the Napoleon Memorial in the Vorholz forrest
Length 12 km

Particular stages

Historical pathway Orbis
Start Parking area at the sports hall
Length 5 km
Historical pathway Morschheim
Start Parking area at the Weed
Length 7,2 km
Historical pathway Mauchenheim
Start Parking area at the Mühlwiesenhalle
Length 7 km

Petersberg culture trail (Kulturweg Petersberg)

With a summit 246m above sea level, the Petersberg is one of Rheinhessen’s highest points. Many exciting stories have their origins in the area around the Petersberg, and the basilica built atop it in the tenth century, a key piece in the mosaic of Rheinhessen’s settlement archaeology, is of more than just regional significance. It has been a cultural magnet for centuries in Rheinhessen.

Follow the signs to stay on the culture trail, and take the time to savour the beautiful views. You will glean remarkable facts about history, culture and the local flora and fauna from the information panels. Take care not to miss the archaeological excavation of Mons Beati Petri at the summit. You will be tempted by many and varied opportunities to pause and sit down for a rest, perhaps at the “Wine Tables” which are well-known even beyond the immediate region.

Flyer culture trail Petersberg
Start Gau-Odernheim, Petersberghalle/Mühlstr. 32
Length 6,8 km

Kunst- und Kulturwanderweg (Art and Culture Trail)

The Art and Culture Trail connects the culture of the wine region with the vivid, lively, art scene of Rhinehessen. Art in the vineyards and lovingly restored vineyard cottages line the pathway which stretches from Alzey to Weinheim. Every visitor can decide just how far he/she wishes to walk and can choose his own individual route from the network of pathways in the Art and Culture Trail.

Start: Work of art "Five Bridges" (Badeweg)

Art and cultural hiking trail


The weinheimense-Route is a well sign-posted circular walking route in the district of Alzey/Weinheim. On information boards along a walking trail of 10km in length tourists, as well as the locals, can read about the connections between the history of the earth and the countryside of the Weinheimer Bucht, the cultural past, the wine and the animal and plant world.

The trail starts at the former sand pit at the "Trift", a cross-section through the bottom of the sea during primeval times and, by following the signs, leads along mainly firm pathways to the other information boards. Experience impressions of the geology, nature, wine and culture of Weinheim along the route and enjoy the wonderful views over the fantastic countryside of the former sea bed.

Start Alzey-Weinheim, at the Trift
Length 10 km
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