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Hiking on the Petersberg

Certified-quality hiking trails "Hiwweltouren"

Hiking on excellent vineyard slopes

Expansive views across the hills, well-tended vineyards and charming winemaking villages – discover the cultivated Rheinhessen landscape and the local culture on our excellent circular hiking routes.

Crammed with variety, the one-day hiking routes allow visitors to enjoy striking natural landscapes and breathtaking panoramic views.
Savour the traditional countryside with its vineyards and let the locals charm you with their hospitality.


Hiwweltouren in Alzeyer Land & Rheinhessische Schweiz

"Eichelberg" Hill Tour ("Hiwweltour")

Peak bagging fun in Rheinhessen. Imposing disused quarries, gnarly pine forests, and an expansive patchwork of meadows and areas under vines.
As well as leading hikers onto the “roof” of Rheinhessen, the “Eichelberg” hill tour also takes in an attractive mix of varied and undisturbed natural landscapes and well-managed cultivated landscapes. Several quartzite porphyry quarries provide insights into the area’s geological make-up. The idyllic and convivial wine villages of Frei-Laubersheim und Fürfeld with their half-timbered houses and the baroque and medieval history of Fürfeld and Neu-Bamberg round the tour off perfectly.


Informations about the route

Start + finish: Former rail station between Frei-Laubersheim and Neu-Bamberg (L409)
Route: 11,08 km
Ascent/Descent: 381 m
Duration: 225 min
Highest spot: 310 m
Lowest spot: 168 m


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"Heideblick" Hill Tour ("Hiwweltour")

Heathland heaven between cliffs and vineyards. Majestic heathland landscapes, well-tended vineyards, wildly romantic rock outcrops, breathtaking views.
A heathland dream in the heart of Rheinhessen!

The heathland tour around Siefersheim and Neu-Bamberg offers breathtaking views as it leads hikers through cultivated vineyards and unspoiled nature conservation areas into a magnificent heathland landscape. The atmospheric old stone walls of the “Ajax tower” and the view up to the castle in Neu-Bamberg add cultural flair to this tour.

Hiwweltour Heideblick

Informations about the route

Start + Finish: Siefersheim - parking at cemetery
Route: 10,00 km
Ascent 283/Descent: 282 m
Duartion: 180 min
Highest point: 266 m
Lowest point: 150 m


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"Tiefenthal" Hights ("Hiwweltour")

Views to dream of from around Tiefenthal. Expansive vistas where the trail skirts the edge of the forest, historic border country, varied climbs and descents.

The hill tour around Tiefenthal captivates hikers with fantastic panoramic views into the far distance and a variety-packed route featuring geological highlights in Dunzelloch and a historic “walk along the border” above Tiefenthal and Niederhausen-on-Appel. All in all, an exceptionally interesting hike through majestic landscapes.


Informations about the route

Start + Finish: Tiefenthal - village square
Route: 12,65 km
Ascent/Descent: 265 m
Duration: 240 min
Highest point: 327 m
Lowest point: 172 m


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"Aulheimer Tal" Valley ("Hiwweltour")

Wine, woods and meadows. None of the other “Hiwweltours” is as rich in variety as the “Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal”. The highlight of this hiking trail is the special sight called “Flonheimer Trullo” which allows the hikers to take magnificent pictures. The “Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal” in Rhineland-Palatinate is the longest out of all “Hiwweltours”and offers various scenic attractions. This remarkable hiking trail leads you through vineyards, meadows and woods. Different viewpoints allow you to gaze over the “Aulheimer Tal” and the surrounding areas. Therefore it earned its name “Rheinhessische Schweiz".

Hiwweltour Aulheimer Tal

Informations about the route

Start and finish: Flonheim, Parking Lot Adelberghalle.

Optional: start and finish at Flonheim Geistermühle (parking lot for hikers), Bornheim or Lonsheim

Route: 13,3 km
Ascent/Descent: 165 m
Duration: about 3h 45 min
Highest point: 275m 
Lowest point: 147m


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