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Cycling on the Hiwwel-Route

Cycling Routes in Rheinhessen

For enthusiastic holiday cyclists the comprehensive cycling network in Alzeyer Land and Rheinhessische Schweiz fulfils every wish. Many towns and villages and, of course, regional and international routes are all linked, e.g. The Rhine Cycle Route.


Real cycling fun for a day trip. This relatively short and easy route takes you into a scenic landscape of vineyards, forests and meadows. From the wooded hills of the Donnersberg through typical villages of Northern Palatinate and "Rheinhessen Switzerland", this cycling route follows the creek Appelbach to where it joins the river Nahe.
The route ends in the spa resort of Bad Kreuznach with its salt works valley.

Information about the route

Start: Marienthal, parking lot at the log cabin
Finish: Bad Kreuznach, Pfingstwiesen/Möbus-Stadion
Route: 42,4 km
Ascent: 539 m / Descent: 302 m
Track surface: 36.7 km of concrete; 5.7 km of sand, gravel or macadam road



Maybe there are not quite 1,000 hills, but it sure feels like that many. The almost 164 kilometers of the Hiwwel-Route include some hills, affectionately called "hiwwel" by the locals.

From Bingen in the north-west via Mainz to Worms in the south-east and right through the very heart of Rheinhessen in Wörrstadt and Alzey, this 4-day route covers the entire area, ideal to discover this multi-faceted region.

Starting from where the river Nahe joins the Rhine River in Bingen, this route takes you into all the different Rheinhessen landscapes. From the lowlands on the Rhine River up to the plains on top of the highest vineyards, it connects the historical cities of Bingen, Ingelheim, Alzey and Worms with Mainz, the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate. The Hiwwel-Route meets several other Rheinhessen cycling routes thus providing you with many options to plan an individual trip.

On the Rhein-Nahe-Eck in Bingen, the gate to the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Hiwwel-Route joins the two long-distance cycling routes Rhein-Radweg and nahe-Radweg.

Information about the route

Start: Bingen, Hindenburganlage/train station Bingen (Rhein)
Finish 1st leg: Mainz station
Finish 2nd leg: Wörrstadt station
Finish 3rd leg: Alzey station
Finish 4th leg: Worms station
Route: 164,5 km
Ascent: 1.452 m/Descent: 1.445 m

Track surface:
1st leg: 38.8 km of concrete; 4.6 km of sand, gravel or macadam road
2nd/3rd leg: paved cycle paths throughout (partially made of concrete slabs)
4th leg: 41.4 lm of concrete; 4.6 km of sand, gravel or macadam road



This cycling path between the rivers Selz and Rhine takes you past former windmills, running along small creeks and quiet romantic villages, until it reaches the Rhine plain and, past an old arm of the Rhine River, the small city of Gimbsheim.

The tour is an ideal combination of the Selztal-Radweg and Rheinradweg.

Information about the route

Start: Framersheim parking Place at the sports center
Finish: Gimbsheim, Niederrheinhalle/sports field
Route: 42,4 km
Ascent: 213 m/Descent: 275 m
Track surface: 41.4 km of conrete; 4 km of sand, gravel or macadam roads (Alzey-Eppelsheim)

Less suited for children and bicycles with trailer.



The Selztal cycling route crosses Rheinhessen starting from the mountainous Northern Palatinate through typical Rheinhessen hills to the Rhine River, exploring the lovely city of Alzey (a place even mentioned in the Songs of the Nibelungs) and Ingelheim, which is famous for its former imperial palace and its red wine. Enjoy the mix of scenic wide valleys and gently rolling hills while you follow the small river Selz from its source to where it joins the Rhine River. A multifaceted one-day cycling trip for discoverers.

If you like a more relaxed approach and would also like to enjoy the many opportunities of tasting wine, you can simply finish in Nieder-Olm or Alzey.

Information about the route

Start: Orbis, municipality hall
Finish: Ingelheim, Rhine ferry slip
Route: 68,2 km
Ascent: 353 m/Descent: 591 m
Track surface: Paved cycle paths throughout (partially made of concrete slabs)

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