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Alzeyer Land
Alzeyer Land lies in the heart of the Rhineland Palatinate Region of Rhinehessen and consists of Alzey and the 24 communities, which encircle Alzey.

The image of most of the communities and towns in Alzeyer Land is influenced by the characteristic old buildings with their yards, the half-timbered and Barock houses. Lovingly decorated village squares, often made prettier with a fountain, are the middle point of the community and during the numerous village and wine festivals become the pulsating heart of the Rhinhessen "Joie de vivre".  

Alzey is situated in the centre of the holiday region and invites visitors to stroll, walk around the town an explore the surroundings. A lovingly restored centre of town with many half-timbered houses, restaurants and cafes await the visitor. Those who stroll through the town discover many sights, which reminds one of the troubled history of Alzey.

Trullo. Flonheim

Rheinhessische Schweiz

The foothills of the North Palatine Uplands, featuring forests, meadows, streams and gently rolling hills, has been designated the Rheinhessische Schweiz nature reserve.

This idyllic recreation area forms a tranquil refuge from noise and traffic. The lively history of this fascinating stretch of land is ever-present and can be experienced from close up.

Close ties bind the people of Rheinhessen to their home region and its past, and this is highlighted in interesting exhibitions showing remarkable archaeological finds and cultural treasures.

Beller Church, Eckelsheim
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